2016-03-22-Ora-0200-Writing_the_first_post_for_my_projectHere I am, in my home office, on the 22 of March, it’s 2:00 AM in the night and I’m working on my new project, „356 Days to become a Millionaire„.  All the post that I will write are the preparation days until I will start the program, and I have a lot of things to check and to prepare until the due day.

All my life I have been working on a new way to succeed, and I have found one thing that will make my success reach the next level in my life. All the things I need to do is to change the way my life is write now and to build my new business. Like PINK song „Don’t Let Me Get Me” is telling us „You will be a Pop star, all you have to change is everything you are”.Is this true? I really have to change everything I am? Well… I’m not entirely agree with this statement.

Imposible-I whant to succeedYes, I know that when you are lazy and you will not stand up from your bed and start,  you will never make the change that you need and want in your life. Yes I’m agree with the statement that we are to lazy to do something in our life, but I will prove that all of us can make one major change in our life and make us breakthrough and become successful enough to be the person that we want.

If you are like me and want to find the thing that will make you breakthrough in your life, you are reading the right page.
For the start I am giving you breakthrough Ideas that I have been using and make me believe that this thing is possible.
1 -You have to prove to YOU, not to anybody else that you want and can do that thing that you need in your life.
2 – Every day you have new options. You can choose what you want. In the morning you can choose to snooze and dream some more, or you wake up and work for your dream.
3 – Invest in You. Invest in your mind.
4 – Be you. You are created with a specific design and purpose and you should start to separate from other persons and become an individual person. Not a copycat.